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Fly fishing on Hintersee, Mittersill, County of Pinzgau, Principality Salzburg, Austria

The fly fisherman from Hintersee in Felbertal at Mittersill!

Fly fishing on the Hintersee is a special experience, relaxation and adventure at the same time and is a boundless nature experience ever in the "supreme discipline" of fishing. Fly fishing offers variety and challenge. Passionate fly fishermen and those who want it yet, will find optimal conditions for their hobby in the hotel's fishing waters.
The lake is easily accessible by car and there are huts (Gamsblickhütte) on the lake are managed.

Nestled between the steep cliffs is the Hintersee in 1313 m height. The mountain was created in 1495 after a massive rockslide. With approximately 550 m in length (about 5 ha) and up to 10 m depth, it is the largest of Mittersiller lakes. Its water is so clear that you can see to the bottom.
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